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Hydroponic Flower Nutrition FlowerMix AB is a fertilizer or so-called nutrient for hydroponics specifically formulated that can be used for various flower plants such as roses, chrysanthemums, orchids and others. FlowerMix AB Hydroponic Flower Nutrition has been formulated in accordance with the characteristics and needs of the flowering plant, so as to make the flowers of your hydroponic plant grow fresher and more beautiful. This nutrient can also be used as fertilizer for conventional flower plants grown on land (organic).


Kinds of VeggieMix Liquid Nutrition:

– STANDARD NUTRITION: Can Be Used For Vegetable Plants Leaves And Fruit Vegetables.
– NUTRITION OF VEGETABLES LEAVES: Composed Specifically For Leaf Vegetable Plants (Kale, Mustard, Lettuce, Pakchoy, Mint, Kailan Etc.)
– SPECIAL NUTRITION: We Can Provide In Accordance With The Order. (For example Special Nutrition Chili, Special Melon, Special Peppers, Special Tomatoes, Potatoes, Carrots, Etc.)

Packaging: Nutrients in the form of liquid.
For 1 Set A and B can be used directly.
“The VeggieMix Nutrient” is a fertilizer or commonly called nutrition for hydroponics specially formulated which can be used for leaf vegetable crops (Lettuce, Pakcoy, Caisim, Spinach, Horenzo etc.) as well as fruit vegetable plants (chillies, tomatoes, peppers, melons, watermelons, strawberries etc.), various flowers (roses, chrysanthemums, orchids etc.) and can also be used as conventional plant leaf fertilizer. Hydroponic plants require special fertilizers or nutrients as a source of nutrients for the growth and development of plants that are planted hydroponically where the soil is not used as a planting medium.

“The VeggieMix Nutrient” contains all nutrients needed by plants in the form of macro nutrients N, P, K, Mg, Ca and S as well as micro nutrients Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu and Mo. The H, C and O are obtained from air and water.

The composition uses mineral salts that are completely water soluble so as not to cause drip clogging drip irrigation. Packed in bottles so it’s easy to transport. This set of Hydroponic Nutrition consists of two parts namely PART A to make Stock Solution A and PART B to make Stock Solution B.

PART A contains Calcium and PART B contains Phosphate and Sulfate. In a concentrated state (which is in the form of Stock solution) Calcium must not be mixed with Phosphate or Sulphate, which is why there are PART A and PART B.

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Hydrofarm - Nutrisi FlowerMix AB (cair)


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