About us

Hydro Farm Indonesia started as a way to create awareness for healthy living and to educate about proper hydroponic techniques. We create value by combining our expertise along with high technological solutions to provide the highest quality in hydroponics systems and produce. With our technology, we are able to locally grow high quality fruits and vegetables in climates that were not possible before. This revolutionary concept brings us one step closer to our goals of providing everyone with access to good health and nutrition.

Currently, Hydro Farm Indonesia is the largest hydroponics farming and gardening supplier in Indonesia. We are a multifunctional agricultural company that focuses on all things hydroponics:

Commercial Farmers

We are professional growers ourselves. Using our own greenhouse farm and technology, we grow various types of fresh produce which we market under our own brand, “Eat Me”. In addition to fresh produce, we will also be expanding to other health related food products in the future.

Greenhouse Technology

We supply and sell climate-controlled greenhouses along with various types of hydroponic systems, to people who want to invest in their own farm and become commercial vegetable suppliers of their own. We sell a wide range of options and features from basic to fully automated greenhouses.

Education & Training

We provide education and training about hydroponics and healthy lifestyle practices through classes, seminars, medias, communities, and exhibitions. We take pride in teaching the correct and safer way to grow using hydroponics. We also share healthy diet principles and recipes using the very foods grown from our systems.

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